Just Checking In…

December 2nd, 2017

Through my journey I’ve learned a tremendous amount about Modern Western Medicine (a.k.a. the medical system in the United States). 

I must admit in the beginning I was extremely overwhelmed. How would you feel if the 2nd “right” doctor you saw told you that if you gave her name out publicly it would placing her liscense or worse… her life at risk?

So I compare this to sharing the word of Christ, because honestly that is the best way for someone to understand. What if you were the ONLY one that knew of such a thing and all you want to do was share it with the world, tell them the truth, and help everyone! Now not everyone will believe you or they’ll show/tell you “proof” stating Christ isn’t real . You know the whole see it to believe it mentality, but you know that it’s not until they’re left to truly search that they’ll find it but you do your best anyways. That’s EXACTLY how I feel about Lyme.

I learned all of these things through experience, which honestly is worth more than reading a textbook. What are you going to dedicate more time to educating yourself to save your life or just got a career? However I majored in Radiology so I have learned a tremendous amount from schooling. 

Don’t get me wrong it has been a huge asset, but now I’m learning the truth/more than what our standard educational system wants you to know.

So here I am thinking “I’m 22 years old with Chronic Lyme Disease. What am I told do with what God has truly laid right in front of me?” 

I’ve always wanted to help others with their health, that’s why my ultimate goal was to become a medical dosimetrist (cancer treatment planner). 

So the things I share aren’t “just because” or about joining a bandwagon but it’s because they have all played a role in my debilitating health. This is a true story. This is my story.  & I only wish someone would have told me before…

If you’re a health nut like me, I advise you to listen or at least keep this in mind. When it comes to medicine you should NEVER be narrow-minded. 

Off subject:

I’ve been attempting to create a Lyme group the past 2 months, but am having no luck finding a location please message me personally for possible inquiries! 

Thank you, Carolina


Sharing my knowledge: PART 1

Education is important. Prevention is key. I care so I’ll share.

1. Radiation Safety

In clinicals I always noticed that radiographers were willing to do anything to create an optimal image. They would lift patients more than 3x’s their size or even go as far as to stand in the PRIMARY beam.

I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t enjoy that. No doubt I do love helping others reach wellness, anyone can see that but sometimes you have to be selfish in order to be selfless. It just wasn’t for me. I wanted to do more. 

Patients should also be considerate of the radiographer and help themselves as much as possible. 

You can’t help others if you don’t help yourself. Patients should also realize that as radiographers we are exposed to radiation daily, where as they just get a few exams done and they leave. Radiation accumulates overtime, IT DOESN’T MAGICALLY ERASE OR DISAPPEAR.

2. Overexposure to yourself and patients

In radiology you learn about ALARA (As low as reasonably achievable). Basically you should be exposing patients to the least amount of radiation possible, I could definitely do that! The thing that gets me and I may be over exaggerating, but ordering a whole body CT scan on an 11 year old with a broken wrist is a bit over the top… or when no lead shield is even offered to me. 

I hope you’re aware that you CAN refuse exams. We live in a society where we think doctors know best. That’s not always true at all. If that was the case I wouldn’t have been misdiagnosed for so long. I wouldn’t have gone through over 30+ clueless doctors within the past year alone. You have to be your own health advocate.  

No one knows your body better than you. We rely too much on others. That we don’t care to educate ourselves.

3. Radiation Protection

Everyone is exposed to a level of background radiation, that is enevitable. Through my journey I have learned how uninformed healthcare workers are on radiation protection. Some hospitals, clinics, dental offices don’t even shield. Oh… and I bet you never get all 3 of these: thyroid shield, lead glasses, or lead apron when you get x-rays at your dental facility or for any cranial related exam.

Your thyroid and eyes are two of the MOST RADIOSENSITIVE organs in the human body, yet we allow them to be exposed without protection at least once a year.

X-ray travel at the speed of light isotropically (in all directions). [Anode heel effect]


What does that mean?

That means that xrays do not shoot in a straight line. It means if you had to get an xray of your elbow your forearm, hand, shoulder, the rest of your body would be exposed to some extent. Lead aprons, glasses, thyroid shield could lower or even omit the dose to other organs. 

I’ve heard it all… the excuses…

“It’s as much radiation exposure as a banana”

Wait… What?! 😂

That’s what some hygiene students at a university level are being taught. I’m sorry but I don’t want them taking my pano or bite wings.

“It’s equivalent to the exposure you recieve from a microwave”

Whaaaaaaaat?! That’s completely false. They are even on TWO completely different sides of the electromagnetic spectrum.

I have heard this too often and that’s when I realize I’m not in very good hands & I want to run. Microwaves and x-rays have TWO completely different forms of electromagnetic frequency. They’re not even on the same side of the spectrum. 

You have to remember they are working for you. You are not working for them. Take care of yourself. Ask for lead shields and some will look at you like you’re crazy which is fine… you worry about you not what they think of you. Don’t feel sorry for taking proper precautions.

Sorry, but if I can avoid radiation-induced cataracts or pathologies, I will. Healthcare workers should as well, I mean that’s why they’re here- they care about bettering your health, right?

Take care of yourself, because no one else will.